Monday, February 13, 2017

D & C 82:10

February 6, 2017

Hola familia,

So first off, to update on life, I am no longer in a trio with Elder Cottrell and Elder Tabor. Elder Tabor became an assistant to the president for his last 3 months as a missionary. So, now it’s just Elder Cottrell and I, but that is awesome because he is a great guy and missionary.

Sweet Miracles: We decided as a companionship to ask everyone for referrals and to keep ourselves accountable by doing 10 push-ups for every person we talked to without asking for referrals. The first day we had to do 140 push-ups each, the second day 100, the third day 40, and the fourth day only 20. We weren't seeing many results from this but knew it would pay off.  The reason for our faith and hope is because  “Preach My Gospel” talks about the importance of asking for referrals as well as we had Elder Bennett promise us that if we ask everyone for referrals then we will have enough people to teach. The following Sunday, two members brought their roommates to church for their first time and they both loved it! Then to add to that, that night our bishop text and said he got a call from a member in California and she gave him info for someone that lives here that is interested in the church because of the Book of Mormon and our high morals. D&C 82:10 is true -  when we do our part, the Lord always does his. Faith.

If you are wondering, D&C 82:10 says: "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." And I just think that is awesome! Have faith and keep the commandments, and then in return we get the promised blessings. Every. Single. Time. 

Yesterday I was also able to confirm Freddy as a member of the church and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was my first time doing that and it was so special! I love Freddy. It will be hard to say goodbye to him one day. He has grown so much and just has such great desires to keep growing spiritually! 

Love you all. Genuinely! Thank you for your support. Yesterday was my 18-month mark! I’m grateful for your love and support. Time is flying.):

Elder Mackintosh 

The happiest trio ever

 Love Elder Tabor and Elder Brasileiro!

This guy was part of a short film about ordering a dictator online. Idk, we just saw him dressed like this and asked for a picture. jaja 

 HOPE for New York 

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