Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Work!!!!


The work is picking up! No baptism dates right now but we are trying to set one tonight and we had 3 investigators to church last week! It was the primary program and it was surprisingly really good. Afterwards we ate in the gym as a ward - it turned out nice and we more people than usual at church! There normally are about 130 people andat least 180 this last week, so that is super exciting.

My ponderizing scripture right now is Helaman 7:20. I chose it because I am really trying to focus on gratitude in all things. I am so blessed daily and sometimes I just don't feel like I give enough thanks to God... I could NEVER thank him enough but I should be better at trying. It's very humbling to try and thank God for all that you have. Even your challenges because those are a gift from him as well so that we can develop. If there is something that I have learned while out here is that I can get through challenges with God. He is always in my corner to help me out. Eternally grateful.

I invite you all to genuinely try and give thanks to God for all that you have, both good and bad. It brings happiness.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm eating at a member's house that hajust recently came back to activity in the church, so I'm super excited about that! Have a great week everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all! 

Elder Mackintosh

P.S. The first picture is of the George Washington Bridge. And the second picture is a time lapse video of me walking through a sweet New York tunnel.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No Time!

Okay I'm sooo sorry but I just don't have enough time this week to write a big email here.. If you wrote me an email this week and I couldn't respond I'm genuinely sorry. I WILL write you next week! Promise.

We changed some things up this week and found some sweet success! First investigator at church! Woot woot! Plus yesterday we had two new investigators say yes to baptism and they are both incredibly genuine and prepared for the gospel. I love these people.

Today we went to China Town for P-day, so that's why I don't have much time. jaja It was so cool! I have always been in love with China and I have never really known why. Well after today... I still don't know why, (jaja) but it was so much fun! jaja 

I Love you all so much. Next week is Thanksgiving!! No turkey bowl for me though...

Life is good. It's good to be a missionary.

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How is Success Measured?

Hey hey!

So I have now been in NY for like 8 weeks now and guess what? Haven't had one investigator out to church, our one investigator with a baptismal date fell of the edge of the earth and we haven't seen him, and people dodge our appointments daily. But I would say I have been pretty successful so far. How does that make any sense? Well I have realized that I can only control what I can control. All I can do is invite people to come unto Christ but as much as I may want to, I can't force anyone to do anything. Sometimes it gets frustrating but I also have to realize that multiple have come back to church and partaken of the sacrament after years of not attending church. It is soooo rewarding to see those people at church yet at the same time it is sooo crushing to have people say they will be there just the day before and then not show up. All I can do is keep inviting people to bring the spirit into their life's and that is how a successful missionary is measured.

We have a couple investigators that might get progressing rapidly here in the near future, so I'm pumped for that! It's crazy to me how much I instantly love these people. Everyone needs this gospel. Everyone needs Christ. Everyone! It is awesome to see people with an eternal prospective and just feel a huge amount of love for them even when you barely know them! That is definitely one of my favorite things of being a missionary.

So the Spanish is coming along! Each day it clicks a little bit more but there are also times when I feel like I literally don't know a single word. jaja. It is interesting to learn a language. Quite the experience! Sometimes it seems so surreal that people can actually understand each other in other languages. Hurts my brain sometimes but it is sweet to just be walking down the street and here someone talking in Spanish and knowing what is going on. jaja. Love it. Such a blessing.

No funny stories this week that I can think of... Sorry! I'm sure funny stuff happened because funny stuff happens everyday but maybe next week I will remember one. My bad!

Love you all and just know that this church is true. It really is. If you ever find yourself doubting because of what is going on around you, sincerely turn to prayer and the scriptures and you will not lose your testimony.

Much love,

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New York Is Interesting

I was able to meet up for lunch with my good friend Singer, Entertainer Emmanuel Kelly and his assistant Peter Maybury from Australia! It was a GREAT Day!  

Today in Central Park 

Hi!  It's Pday again! (preparation day) 

I'm currently at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is INCREDIBLE and by far the best museum, I have ever been to. It's crazy. Also I realized today just how much we stick out - we were meeting up with our roommates to go to the museum and we could spot them from a ridiculous distance away. My companion, Elder McBride feels uncomfortable about it, but I figure it's good for people to know who we are, so it's good!

I have been kinda sick the last week, but not sick enough to not go  out every day, because I'm not contagious,  (I hope) I  keep working - "ammarite". (translation: I'm all right) 

Great news! This last week I ate McDonald's! YESSSSSSSSS! That is something that I have missed.  We have 3 in our area but no one ever wants to go with me so I don't get to go! I finally talked my companion into going and it was the best decision he ever made, because that is how you get a really happy Elder Mackintosh. jaja. Good stuff.

There is this guy talking to one of the missionaries I'm with right now and the stuff he is saying is crazy!  New York is a very interesting place everyday! Yes, people are interesting.

Life is good. I think I say that every email but it really is! The work is great. The ward is great. Companion is great. Everything is great.

Something I have been thinking about this week is how insanely big of a blessing PRAYER is.  We, mere humans, get to talk to God and the crazy thing is that He wants us to talk to him and more crazy than that is that He actually responds! He loves us so much. Prayer is real. It is a real two way communication with us and God.  I have seen so many prayers answered and I absolutely know that it is real. This church is true. It really is.

Love you all!
Elder Mackintosh