Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New York Is Interesting

I was able to meet up for lunch with my good friend Singer, Entertainer Emmanuel Kelly and his assistant Peter Maybury from Australia! It was a GREAT Day!  

Today in Central Park 

Hi!  It's Pday again! (preparation day) 

I'm currently at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is INCREDIBLE and by far the best museum, I have ever been to. It's crazy. Also I realized today just how much we stick out - we were meeting up with our roommates to go to the museum and we could spot them from a ridiculous distance away. My companion, Elder McBride feels uncomfortable about it, but I figure it's good for people to know who we are, so it's good!

I have been kinda sick the last week, but not sick enough to not go  out every day, because I'm not contagious,  (I hope) I  keep working - "ammarite". (translation: I'm all right) 

Great news! This last week I ate McDonald's! YESSSSSSSSS! That is something that I have missed.  We have 3 in our area but no one ever wants to go with me so I don't get to go! I finally talked my companion into going and it was the best decision he ever made, because that is how you get a really happy Elder Mackintosh. jaja. Good stuff.

There is this guy talking to one of the missionaries I'm with right now and the stuff he is saying is crazy!  New York is a very interesting place everyday! Yes, people are interesting.

Life is good. I think I say that every email but it really is! The work is great. The ward is great. Companion is great. Everything is great.

Something I have been thinking about this week is how insanely big of a blessing PRAYER is.  We, mere humans, get to talk to God and the crazy thing is that He wants us to talk to him and more crazy than that is that He actually responds! He loves us so much. Prayer is real. It is a real two way communication with us and God.  I have seen so many prayers answered and I absolutely know that it is real. This church is true. It really is.

Love you all!
Elder Mackintosh

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