Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sup pup!

So since I titled this email "success" I should probably talk about why I did that first. So this last few days have been my most successful ones so far. We have one person with a baptismal date!
He is a friend of some teenagers that we have been working with lately. He is awesome and he genuinely wants to get baptized! Love it. Also we have had a lot of success with the inactives lately and this week we 6 committed to come to  church! 2 came last week and they hadn't been in years! I'm so excited right now and just loving the work. The Lord is blessing us so much. Everything is amazing.

On a very sad note... My grandpa Mackintosh passed away on Friday. It was really sad to hear the news over emails from my parents. My grandpa Mackintosh is someone that I look up to so much. He is someone that can keep you laughing for hours and make you feel so loved. He
was a hard worker and not only a goal setter but a goal achiever. He was a strong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a devoted servant of the Lord at all times. Basically, I love that man and it is a blessing that now he can be with me out in the field!
If you have seen pictures of my grandpa, you have seen what I will look like when I'm older jaja dimples and all. I LOVE MY GRANDPA!

Other stuff that is going on in New York is everything jaja. Life is crazy here! We went to Harlem the other day for a stake activity for the youth and it is a crazy neighborhood over there!!! Lots of people that really hate white people jaja. It was an interesting experience!
Some people that didn't like us and it was obvious and then also people that liked us a little to much jaja yeah I will just leave it at that! It was fun.

I am not fat but I fluctuate a lot out here! I came out here at 140 lb and now I fluctuate between 145 and 155! I'm still scrawny though because 155 lbs is as big as I have ever been in my life jaja. I eat a lot of ramen noodles and then also members have liked us more lately so we have been getting fed a lot! Good stuff. Dominicans make such good food!

Currently my roommates are trying to help me get rid of my sarcasm because our mission president said that we shouldn't use sarcasm. I will admit that it is the hardest thing that I am going through so that's a good thing and bad thing for that to be the hardest thing
right now! I'm not try into get rid of my sense of humor, just trying to redirect it (jaja) difficult!

Well that's all folks!

Elder Mackintosh

New York Subway

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