Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What A Week!

Hey family and friends!

Okay so this week was so up and down for me! So last Friday we had Elder Arnold of the quorum of the seventy come and give a special multi-zone conference all day. It was really spiritual and he really told us how missionary work should be done and what we need to change. It was intense and yes we changed a lot! So that was great and then we went home and didn't get to do anything besides our studies for the rest of the day because of time. Well slowly (I don't know why) I just got really discouraged.. Like really - probably the lowest I have been on my mission and I guess it was just all the changes and the language were stressing me out or something. Yeah it was just not fun!


The next day I was able to go to lunch with my buddies parents (Elder Stockton Sharp) and that changed my mood right around! Such a blessing to see them and just have that time out perfectly to calm me down at my most stressed time! So HUGE shout out to Shelly and Bret (Terb) for that.

Okay, so the past couple weeks we have been doing this jumping exercise in the mornings and it is called air alert I think. Well here is the thing.. It's awful! Jaja like it's pretty hard but that isn't what I hate about it, it makes me so sore! And we walk a lot, so that isn't that fun! Hopefully my body gets used to it and my legs get massive.

This last week we met with some new investigators for the first time and those went well! Some potential in those people for sure. But our main push this week was with less actives and we have 2 that have already started back at church last Sunday and then 3 more that are committed his week! Soooooo exciting! Bringing people back is every bit as exciting as baptizing new people. Love it.

So yes, life is good now and I'm a happy camper! NY is still crazy but I love it.

Love you all,
Elder Mackintosh

A message to "the fam!" 

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