Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Yawker!

This week went by so fast... I swear I just had p-day like a week ago. crazy jaja. But really, time goes by pretty fast everyday and that's just what happens when you are having fun. 
I have had to grow a lot this week because my trainer is making me lead some of the lessons!! But it's not so bad because I just share a scripture, talk about it, ask a question and then they talk for like 20 minutes straight - Dominicans loooooove to talk! I'm not mad about it though! jaja.

That baptism that we had set up isn't going to happen now, because when he was in the Dominican Republic before he moved here, he was baptized. Well when he got here, they couldn't find his baptismal records so we got the clear to re-teach and baptize him. This last weekend my companion felt like he needed to ask for the records one more time and sure enough, they were there. So now we aren't baptizing him and currently have no progressing investigators, but we are working hard to change that!!! We will change that.

Funny Story: Yesterday we were walking down the sidewalk and saw a couple of rats running back and forth across the sidewalk and they were huge! We were watching them as we walked and suddenly my companion trips on something. We look back and it was a dead rat in the middle of the sidewalk! NASTY! I really don't like rats so I guess I will just have to get use to that. Luckily our apartment is pretty dang nice for the area - we don't even have bugs, let alone rats.
For those who have asked; send letters or packages to:
700 white planes road
Scarsdale, NY 10583 
They bring me mail on Tuesdays.
I don't know if I said to do this before already in my emails but either way, go to YouTube and watch "missionary work and the atonement" (I think that's what it's called but obviously I can't look it up jaja). That video really humbled me and brought me the spirit SO STRONG.

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

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