Saturday, December 26, 2015

Skyping on Christmas Day

From mom, Becky Mack :)
"Skyping with Skye on CHRISTmas Day was the Best.Gift.Ever.  He looks so good and sounds so HaPpY!  He truely loves being a missionary and I love being a missionary mom.  Count down to Mother's Day until I get to see my son's face and hear his voice again.... 229 days, but who's counting? teehee ME!"  

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas in New York

December 23, 2015

It doesn't seem like Christmas in two days, it's been in the 70's and is suppose to be 72 degrees Christmas day. Super weird. This is not normal, but at the same time it does feel like Christmas because we have done of a ton of caroling, free gift wrapping, miscellaneous service, and watching the church Christmas video like 500 times. So yeah, it is Christmas in New York.

This week was so sweet! Rafael has a baptismal date for Januay 9th and getting married on the same day as well! He is so excited and we meet with him everyday because he is THAT excited. I love him. Also we set a baptismal date for January 16th with Luis and he is so cool as well with a great story I will soon share! He texts us everyday with his questions about his Book of Mormon reading and he is just loving it.

Saturday we did 2 hours of free gift wrapping for people and it was actually fun! I'm not very good at gift wrapping, so I just held the sign and handed out cards jaja. Still great.  Later that night we had the ward Christmas party and wow was it a party! So much food, singing, and dancing! I didn't dance but it was a lot of fun. Rafael went to the party and loved it! while at the church we showed him the baptismal font - SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE! He is amazing - wish you all could meet him.

The night of the party, I don't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't fall asleep! I think something I drank had caffeine or something because I literally didn't fall asleep until 5:30 in the
morning. I was in bed for 7 hours without sleeping! Then I still had to get up at 6:30, therefore Sunday was a hard day for lack of sleep, but a huge testimony strengthening day - the Lord carried us, we had some sweet miracles.

Well that's it from me about Christmas!

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

An apartment picture in front of our Christmas trees bc swag.

Today I went to Rockefeller and saw the tree and such  - that was really cool. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Okay, so for REAL...

Hey all!

Okay so for real this week I had some funny things happen, but I'm not going to share them because I kinda just want to share a serious email this time.

As a mission we just finished studying the Book of Mormon in 100 days and then today for the last day we were asked to write down our testimonies. Well I want to share what took me half of my personal study time to write. Here is my testimony of the Book of Mormon as of today:

"Yesterday I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the fourth time in my life and I have a couple of things to say. My testimony on the Book of Mormon is strong, but interesting to me because to be honest I haven't totally had any moments when I have asked God and then it has just hit me like "Wow, this book is actually true." The way that I have received my testimony of the Book of Mormon is by studying, pondering, applying, and then noticing how things/I change. 
The Book of Mormon has helped me many times in my life when I have had questions or poor feelings, all I have had to do is pray and read. The answer is always there! 
My testimony of the Book of Mormon is also strong because I absolutely know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet and was called of God to restore the church of Jesus Christ again on the earth. I have had a few very special experiences and confirmations about Joseph Smith being a prophet. I will bare testimony of the restoration to anyone that will hear me, because it happened. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because Joseph Smith was a prophet and if he was a prophet, it is all true. It is! 
Yes, I have prayed and done the things in Moroni 10: 3-5 and guess what, it hasn't came to me the way I thought it would. I was expecting to just suddenly have a crazy powerful spiritual confirmation right then and there and that hasn't happened for me. Although my prayers haven't been answered in the way I was expecting, God has NOT ignored my prayers.  Many times in sharing my testimony of the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost was right there as well - testifying. The Holy Ghost testifies of truth and if the Holy Ghost testifies of truth while I bare my faith filled testimony of the Book of Mormon, doesn't that mean it's true? Doesn't it? YES. 
I bare my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the love of God that is felt through the application of the principles and doctrines in that book. It is all true. I share that and invite you to give the Book of Mormon a chance to improve your life. It will. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

I feel so blessed. Things are going well! We had a couple of rough days this last week.. But ended really strong and are now doing well again. We are teaching some really awesome people.

Below is a picture of a member named Jesus C├írdenas and he is one of my favorite people in the whole world! He loves us and we sure love him. He even gave us a shout out in testimony meeting, such a great man.

Love you all and have a great Christmas!

Elder Mackintosh

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Aint Even Cold!

Hi peeps,

So I looked at the weather a couple days ago in lehi and it was 25 degrees and a toasty 50 degrees here, so I'm happy! jaja. It actually rained today and it is December! But I'm sure it will get real cold real quick.

This last week was kind of a long one. It wasn't bad, just for some reason it seemed long. Thanksgiving was a pretty good day! Dominicans don't know how to celebrate Thanksgiving really, we went to a Peruvian members house to eat and the food was soooo good, but unfortunately she only gave us one plate each.. So on our way home we stopped at Dominoes to grab some pizza because we still wanted to keep the tradition of getting stuffed on Thanksgiving. We shared a slice with a nice homeless man. 'Twas a good day.

The work is going really really well now. We have 4 or 5 investigators with like real potential and desire! We are going to extend two baptism dates tonight, so keep us in your prayers! I gotta go to a lesson right now actually, he is a great man with a great story that I hope to share soon. I am so blessed - we all are.

This week my ponderizing scripture is Alma 5: 27-28, I choose it because I'm working on humility. Humility is the key to everything. Pride is the destroyer and we see that in the Book of Mormon over and over again. Humility is huge!! (I will send my screensaver a with my ponderizing scripture every week.)

Also here is a video of what my bishop made me do in the middle of his class on Sunday jaja. It was an incredible lesson. I'm glad I can understand enough Spanish to know it was a great lesson.

Funny happening of the week: The other day we were teaching this less active member that I love and all of the sudden in the middle of the lesson he started rambling and telling us about this dream that he had a couple of years ago in broken English instead of Spanish for some reason.  He says "so there was big dog. Big dog. Big BIG dog (with actions) okay so really big dog. Then, it chase me! And I run, I run, and I scared because the big dog you know. And I run in building and big black guy. Biiiig black guy (puts his arm up in the air to show how big he was) yes big black guy (stands up with arm still raised so that he can show he is even bigger but really doesn't get any taller because he was the same height sitting on the stool jaja) and he hug me. (He pick me up and he hug me) He say to me; 'No you run. Dog like you.' And he pet dog."  And that was his dream.

Well by the end of the story I literally have tears running down my face laughing (my companion is
laughing but keeping it together better than me) and it doesn't even phase him the whole story! I was laughing mostly because I don't know how our lesson turned into that and it was just a funny dream that literally had no explanation or tie in to the lesson or anything! It was so great.

Love you all! The church really is true! If you don't know yet, ask God! He will tell you.

Elder Mackintosh

This picture was taken today at Central Park after I got my hair cut.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Work!!!!


The work is picking up! No baptism dates right now but we are trying to set one tonight and we had 3 investigators to church last week! It was the primary program and it was surprisingly really good. Afterwards we ate in the gym as a ward - it turned out nice and we more people than usual at church! There normally are about 130 people andat least 180 this last week, so that is super exciting.

My ponderizing scripture right now is Helaman 7:20. I chose it because I am really trying to focus on gratitude in all things. I am so blessed daily and sometimes I just don't feel like I give enough thanks to God... I could NEVER thank him enough but I should be better at trying. It's very humbling to try and thank God for all that you have. Even your challenges because those are a gift from him as well so that we can develop. If there is something that I have learned while out here is that I can get through challenges with God. He is always in my corner to help me out. Eternally grateful.

I invite you all to genuinely try and give thanks to God for all that you have, both good and bad. It brings happiness.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm eating at a member's house that hajust recently came back to activity in the church, so I'm super excited about that! Have a great week everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all! 

Elder Mackintosh

P.S. The first picture is of the George Washington Bridge. And the second picture is a time lapse video of me walking through a sweet New York tunnel.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No Time!

Okay I'm sooo sorry but I just don't have enough time this week to write a big email here.. If you wrote me an email this week and I couldn't respond I'm genuinely sorry. I WILL write you next week! Promise.

We changed some things up this week and found some sweet success! First investigator at church! Woot woot! Plus yesterday we had two new investigators say yes to baptism and they are both incredibly genuine and prepared for the gospel. I love these people.

Today we went to China Town for P-day, so that's why I don't have much time. jaja It was so cool! I have always been in love with China and I have never really known why. Well after today... I still don't know why, (jaja) but it was so much fun! jaja 

I Love you all so much. Next week is Thanksgiving!! No turkey bowl for me though...

Life is good. It's good to be a missionary.

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How is Success Measured?

Hey hey!

So I have now been in NY for like 8 weeks now and guess what? Haven't had one investigator out to church, our one investigator with a baptismal date fell of the edge of the earth and we haven't seen him, and people dodge our appointments daily. But I would say I have been pretty successful so far. How does that make any sense? Well I have realized that I can only control what I can control. All I can do is invite people to come unto Christ but as much as I may want to, I can't force anyone to do anything. Sometimes it gets frustrating but I also have to realize that multiple have come back to church and partaken of the sacrament after years of not attending church. It is soooo rewarding to see those people at church yet at the same time it is sooo crushing to have people say they will be there just the day before and then not show up. All I can do is keep inviting people to bring the spirit into their life's and that is how a successful missionary is measured.

We have a couple investigators that might get progressing rapidly here in the near future, so I'm pumped for that! It's crazy to me how much I instantly love these people. Everyone needs this gospel. Everyone needs Christ. Everyone! It is awesome to see people with an eternal prospective and just feel a huge amount of love for them even when you barely know them! That is definitely one of my favorite things of being a missionary.

So the Spanish is coming along! Each day it clicks a little bit more but there are also times when I feel like I literally don't know a single word. jaja. It is interesting to learn a language. Quite the experience! Sometimes it seems so surreal that people can actually understand each other in other languages. Hurts my brain sometimes but it is sweet to just be walking down the street and here someone talking in Spanish and knowing what is going on. jaja. Love it. Such a blessing.

No funny stories this week that I can think of... Sorry! I'm sure funny stuff happened because funny stuff happens everyday but maybe next week I will remember one. My bad!

Love you all and just know that this church is true. It really is. If you ever find yourself doubting because of what is going on around you, sincerely turn to prayer and the scriptures and you will not lose your testimony.

Much love,

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New York Is Interesting

I was able to meet up for lunch with my good friend Singer, Entertainer Emmanuel Kelly and his assistant Peter Maybury from Australia! It was a GREAT Day!  

Today in Central Park 

Hi!  It's Pday again! (preparation day) 

I'm currently at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is INCREDIBLE and by far the best museum, I have ever been to. It's crazy. Also I realized today just how much we stick out - we were meeting up with our roommates to go to the museum and we could spot them from a ridiculous distance away. My companion, Elder McBride feels uncomfortable about it, but I figure it's good for people to know who we are, so it's good!

I have been kinda sick the last week, but not sick enough to not go  out every day, because I'm not contagious,  (I hope) I  keep working - "ammarite". (translation: I'm all right) 

Great news! This last week I ate McDonald's! YESSSSSSSSS! That is something that I have missed.  We have 3 in our area but no one ever wants to go with me so I don't get to go! I finally talked my companion into going and it was the best decision he ever made, because that is how you get a really happy Elder Mackintosh. jaja. Good stuff.

There is this guy talking to one of the missionaries I'm with right now and the stuff he is saying is crazy!  New York is a very interesting place everyday! Yes, people are interesting.

Life is good. I think I say that every email but it really is! The work is great. The ward is great. Companion is great. Everything is great.

Something I have been thinking about this week is how insanely big of a blessing PRAYER is.  We, mere humans, get to talk to God and the crazy thing is that He wants us to talk to him and more crazy than that is that He actually responds! He loves us so much. Prayer is real. It is a real two way communication with us and God.  I have seen so many prayers answered and I absolutely know that it is real. This church is true. It really is.

Love you all!
Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sup pup!

So since I titled this email "success" I should probably talk about why I did that first. So this last few days have been my most successful ones so far. We have one person with a baptismal date!
He is a friend of some teenagers that we have been working with lately. He is awesome and he genuinely wants to get baptized! Love it. Also we have had a lot of success with the inactives lately and this week we 6 committed to come to  church! 2 came last week and they hadn't been in years! I'm so excited right now and just loving the work. The Lord is blessing us so much. Everything is amazing.

On a very sad note... My grandpa Mackintosh passed away on Friday. It was really sad to hear the news over emails from my parents. My grandpa Mackintosh is someone that I look up to so much. He is someone that can keep you laughing for hours and make you feel so loved. He
was a hard worker and not only a goal setter but a goal achiever. He was a strong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a devoted servant of the Lord at all times. Basically, I love that man and it is a blessing that now he can be with me out in the field!
If you have seen pictures of my grandpa, you have seen what I will look like when I'm older jaja dimples and all. I LOVE MY GRANDPA!

Other stuff that is going on in New York is everything jaja. Life is crazy here! We went to Harlem the other day for a stake activity for the youth and it is a crazy neighborhood over there!!! Lots of people that really hate white people jaja. It was an interesting experience!
Some people that didn't like us and it was obvious and then also people that liked us a little to much jaja yeah I will just leave it at that! It was fun.

I am not fat but I fluctuate a lot out here! I came out here at 140 lb and now I fluctuate between 145 and 155! I'm still scrawny though because 155 lbs is as big as I have ever been in my life jaja. I eat a lot of ramen noodles and then also members have liked us more lately so we have been getting fed a lot! Good stuff. Dominicans make such good food!

Currently my roommates are trying to help me get rid of my sarcasm because our mission president said that we shouldn't use sarcasm. I will admit that it is the hardest thing that I am going through so that's a good thing and bad thing for that to be the hardest thing
right now! I'm not try into get rid of my sense of humor, just trying to redirect it (jaja) difficult!

Well that's all folks!

Elder Mackintosh

New York Subway

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What A Week!

Hey family and friends!

Okay so this week was so up and down for me! So last Friday we had Elder Arnold of the quorum of the seventy come and give a special multi-zone conference all day. It was really spiritual and he really told us how missionary work should be done and what we need to change. It was intense and yes we changed a lot! So that was great and then we went home and didn't get to do anything besides our studies for the rest of the day because of time. Well slowly (I don't know why) I just got really discouraged.. Like really - probably the lowest I have been on my mission and I guess it was just all the changes and the language were stressing me out or something. Yeah it was just not fun!


The next day I was able to go to lunch with my buddies parents (Elder Stockton Sharp) and that changed my mood right around! Such a blessing to see them and just have that time out perfectly to calm me down at my most stressed time! So HUGE shout out to Shelly and Bret (Terb) for that.

Okay, so the past couple weeks we have been doing this jumping exercise in the mornings and it is called air alert I think. Well here is the thing.. It's awful! Jaja like it's pretty hard but that isn't what I hate about it, it makes me so sore! And we walk a lot, so that isn't that fun! Hopefully my body gets used to it and my legs get massive.

This last week we met with some new investigators for the first time and those went well! Some potential in those people for sure. But our main push this week was with less actives and we have 2 that have already started back at church last Sunday and then 3 more that are committed his week! Soooooo exciting! Bringing people back is every bit as exciting as baptizing new people. Love it.

So yes, life is good now and I'm a happy camper! NY is still crazy but I love it.

Love you all,
Elder Mackintosh

A message to "the fam!" 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Nice Surprise for Mom!

Wow - what a nice surprise to wake up to.  I was sent this wonderful text message and photo this morning....

October 9, 2015

Dear Sister Mackintosh, we met your son in the elevator at the Temple, and invited him and his companion (from our son's ward in Mesa, AZ) to dinner last evening. We went to a Dominican restaurant in their area and had a good meal. We were impressed with these two young missionaries--their devotion and focus on the work. Congratulations to you on your youngest of seven!

President Bench, counselor in the Temple presidency.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015



So this week actually did go by like ridiculously fast to me... Since the last time I wrote, there has been 3 baptisms, none by my companion and I, but people are making covenants and receiving the Holy Ghost, so I'm happy!! 

Conference was so good. It is just different as a
missionary - everything really is. It was great to know that a lot of people that I love we're doing the same thing at the same time! I learned so much over conference and I think the biggest for me was that almost every talk mentioned faith and that is something I am trying to apply more. As a missionary I have plenty of opportunities
to act in faith (jaja) blessings, tracting, teaching, and honestly just speaking in Spanish in general.. So faith is important! Developing unwavering faith is something I am working on and it is great because the more I exercise it, the stronger and easier it gets. Weird right?

God is real.

Something else that I am applying specifically from conference is the "ponderizing" one scripture a week. It is going great so far! My
scripture is 1 Nephi 21: 16 "Behold, I have graven thee on the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." And it becomes a little more meaningful every time I see it. I love it!

I think that I will continue to count how many people smile back at me each day because it isn't very many and I want to have you all understand a little bit more of what it's like here. It's so weird to me that New York is such a populated place but everyone is so antisocial! It's really weird... for example we invite people to share the gospel with their friends and they always respond that they don't have friends... Like what?!  Be social people! Kinda hard to spread the gospel if no one
talks. jaja.

Miracle: we were about to walk into a building to tract and all of a sudden is guy walking by says "hey can I ask you guys a question?" And we say of course and then his question is "how do I become a member of your church?" And I'm just like freaking out inside! He found us and is really interested! He went out of town the next day and won't be back until next Wednesday but we have an appointment for when he gets back. Also his name is Jose and we meet about 10 people with that name everyday, so that's fun - makes it easy to remember names.  jaja.

Life is good! We are all so blessed.

Elder Mackintosh

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Yawker!

This week went by so fast... I swear I just had p-day like a week ago. crazy jaja. But really, time goes by pretty fast everyday and that's just what happens when you are having fun. 
I have had to grow a lot this week because my trainer is making me lead some of the lessons!! But it's not so bad because I just share a scripture, talk about it, ask a question and then they talk for like 20 minutes straight - Dominicans loooooove to talk! I'm not mad about it though! jaja.

That baptism that we had set up isn't going to happen now, because when he was in the Dominican Republic before he moved here, he was baptized. Well when he got here, they couldn't find his baptismal records so we got the clear to re-teach and baptize him. This last weekend my companion felt like he needed to ask for the records one more time and sure enough, they were there. So now we aren't baptizing him and currently have no progressing investigators, but we are working hard to change that!!! We will change that.

Funny Story: Yesterday we were walking down the sidewalk and saw a couple of rats running back and forth across the sidewalk and they were huge! We were watching them as we walked and suddenly my companion trips on something. We look back and it was a dead rat in the middle of the sidewalk! NASTY! I really don't like rats so I guess I will just have to get use to that. Luckily our apartment is pretty dang nice for the area - we don't even have bugs, let alone rats.
For those who have asked; send letters or packages to:
700 white planes road
Scarsdale, NY 10583 
They bring me mail on Tuesdays.
I don't know if I said to do this before already in my emails but either way, go to YouTube and watch "missionary work and the atonement" (I think that's what it's called but obviously I can't look it up jaja). That video really humbled me and brought me the spirit SO STRONG.

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Week in NYC!

So this has been awesome so far! To start I will just say that the gift of tongues is real. I have grown so much in spanish this last week and it is not because I am a crazy smart person. jaja. My trainer is Elder Mcbride, he is from Arizona, and he just got done being trained last week so basically he knows a lot more spanish than I do, but he isn't fluent. Soooo it is quite the experience for the both of us everyday to try and understand and converse with people! jaja. The Lord has helped us so much.

So kinda funny story: We are teaching this 20 year old Dominican kid named Victor and he is one of my favorite people ever. He loves me for some reason jaja. We can barely communicate but we bond! He is getting baptized on the 10th of October! But the story is this... So we were teaching him yesterday and we had him say the closing prayer. So he starts the prayer "Heavenly Father" and then I am not exaggerating when I say that there was about a 20 second pause of silence. jaja I peak my eyes open and he is just leaning over to his brother whispering and smiling. They both look at me and we all just kind of start to chuckle. Then hearing the chuckling, my companion peaks as well. Victor sees that and just starts laughing! So we are trying not to laugh obviously and then victor says "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." and we all just bust up! So the entire prayer was just "Dear Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." jajajajajaja I love Victor. He kinda has a learning disability, so I forgive him but yeah it is just funny! If that prayer was a "sandwich" (like we always describe prayers) it would have been just bread! Funny funny kid.

I have been really blessed to start off in the best area for speaking spanish in the whole mission. I am in the Northern Manhattan zone/Inwood and it is approximately 75% or more spanish speakers! I don't feel like I am in the USA at all! It is nuts. Plus they are all Dominicans basically and let's just say that Dominican spanish is not even close to what they taught me in the MTC! jaja! They mumble a ton and like never say the "s" in their words! I am picking it up little by little though, so it's all good. The other missionaries said that once I can understand a dominican, I can understand anyone that is speaking spanish and with a lot less effort jaja, so that is something to look forward to. 

We tract a lot and my companion makes me give most of the lessons! It is hard, but it has sure helped me grow. That is how life is really. Challenges are the fastest and most effective ways to grow, so I am happy about it! Life is really good here in NYC. The only thing is that everyone seems mad all of the time, so I smile at everyone!!! I am just trying to brighten this city up in any way possible jaja. Little by little. 

I get my ipad on friday and then I will send some pictures next week! Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm in New York!!

I have been here in New York for 24 hours and I love it.  My mission president is President Smith and he is just the coolest guy.  He is so genuine and has a really strong and powerful testimony.  I love him and his family already. 

I have been assigned to the Manhattan North zone and it is seriously the coolest and best place to start. This is the place that has the most Dominicans by far and everyone says that it is the best place to learn the language! I'm told it's 75% Dominicans - that will help me a ton to pick up the language I am sure! Yes, I know it will be hard of course, but that is what I signed up for - it is all good. 

My companion's name is Elder McBride and he is from Mesa, Arizona - he is a REALLY nice elder and I can tell that he is obedient and hard working, so that is good.  He just barely got done being trained and now he is training me a day later. (jaja)   His Spanish is good, but he isn't fluent and he is already a trainer!  Crazy!  We will have a lot of fun and growth because we will be out of our comfort zone every single day talking to people in Spanish.  He promises that I will come out of the next 12 weeks better at Spanish than the other elders that came with me and better at teaching because he says that he won't let me rely on him 100% of the time.  He says that tonight he will let me talk quite a bit and we have two appointments set up for tonight so that should be interesting and fun. CRAZY, but exciting though.  

Just know that life is good.  I am trying to do my best everyday - I love it!  You are all in my prayers and I thank you for yours.

Elder Mackintosh

This is my awesome trainer Elder Mcbride from Mesa Arizona. 
We are going to do good work here. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last MTC Email!


Wow this was such a great last week. To start off, thank you to everyone that thought of me on my birthday and for all of the prayers! I pray for you too. 

So on my birthday I received some packages from home (so that was great already). During class I left to go to the bathroom, and when I returned to the classroom my district had drawn birthday wishes all over the chalkboard, and my teacher had brought hostess cupcakes for everyone to share! Heck yeah!  Then later at dinner my district made me a "cake" which consisted of 7 pieces of toast with nutella between each one, and then a thick coating of nutella on the outside as well! Crazy unhealthy but incredibly good, so I am not complaining. (jaja)  At dinner as well, all 500 missionaries sang happy birthday to me! I always feel awkward in those situations but it was a lot of fun and everyone made me feel like it was a special day. So yeah, It was great! Thanks again.

Side note: some of my favorite things in the entire world are sunsets and sunrises but unfortunately my schedule is just barely off to the point that I miss both of those things by a span of about 15 minutes every single day jaja. so that is one thing that I miss and I am looking forward to occasionaly seeing once I am in NY next week!

I had a pretty cool experience this week with teaching. On Saturdays we teach what is called TRC and that is teaching (usually) members that just volunteer to come, but also we could teach non-members that have been invited by teachers as well. SO, this last week we taught a non-member and it was incredible! So you know how I don't know spanish yet? Well when I am in the lessons, I can speak really well actually! That is a combination of the spirit helping me and the fact that I know gospel topics in spanish really well. (jaja) But besides the language thing... we were teaching a lesson about receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon and it turned pretty powerful. We had to teach the kind sister what revelation was and how she could receive it. I was testifying at the end and said that I knew that she could receive personal revelation and then randomly I felt prompted to bare testimony that God loves her personally and knows her.  When I followed that, she started crying, and then I started crying!  I pointed out that the spirit was in that room and that was the feeling that she had. She loved it!  We invited her to pray that night and study the Book of Mormon for guidance.  She said she would, and I will follow up with my teacher on how that woman is doing! (How is that for the first time teaching a non-member?!) It is one of my favorite experiences so far for sure and it strengthened my testimony a lot about promptings. Loving life and I am so blessed. We all are so blessed.

Another side note: we watched Meet the Mormons and for one thing, seeing NY for a second made me soooo excited and for another thing, that was the first time that I watched the missionary part at the end and didn't cry! Guess I am happier to be here than I was with leaving when I watched it before my mission jaja. 

If you want some good scripture reading this week here are some good ones about faith!!!  Alma chapters 32 and 36 and also Ether 12. These have helped me a lot since I have been here. Love you all and thank you for your support!! 

Love from a 19 year old,
Elder Mackintosh

 The 7 layer Toast Nutella Birthday Cake!

My awesome district!

It's always great to run into a familiar face  - Josh Mortensen from my home town and high school 
...and also Heritage Tours

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

P-Day is Wednesday!

Hola familia y amigos!

My pday is now Wednesday from here on out, so SURPRISE! jaja. Yet another great week here in the Mexico MTC. I leave here in less than 2 weeks now (the 15th) and that is absolutely crazy to me because I feel like I just got here but at the same time I am SO excited to get to NY and start talking to real people about the gospel! I teach even more lessons now because now we do role play lessons with other missionaries from my district and it is amazing to me that even though I know that they aren't actually the person that they are pretending to be, I can feel so much love for them both from myself and from God. I have had so many spiritual experiences already in those lessons and I have been getting better at letting the spirit teach the lesson instead of my companion and myself. Had to say goodbye to a district that I became really close with (two elders in particular that I know I will be friends with after my mission as well) and that was pretty hard to do... but also exciting because that means that my district is the oldest in the zone now and that we are the next ones to head out of here! Awesome! Spanish is coming along nicely, I read some of the spanish that I tried to write my first couple of days and wow I am much much much better now jaja! The Lord has helped me so much and honestly I am not worried about the language. It will come. 

Funny stuff: So back at home to start family night we used to always sing a hymn to bring in the spirit but usually that didn't work because I would just be laughing the entire time from hearing my fathers pretty terrible singing (no offense dad jaja). WELL my companion is like the same as my dad I realized except with less rythm and he thinks that he is really good, so he just sings really loud all of the time! Singing in spanish is already a little bit harder with the rythm because we don't know the language, so having someone with poor rythm already sing it, just makes for a good time! jaja! It is bad because I end up just laughing the entire song and not bringing the spirit in very well but I just don't have the heart to tell him that he is a poor singer and the cause of my laughter jaja.. Love the kid though! He is a great missionary and just an all around great guy. Luckily he will be in my mission as well so I won't have to say goodbye to him (well kinda) in two weeks. 

Life is good though! I read a great talk this morning and would invite anyone wanting to just read something awesome to read it. it is called "The Four Steps on the Stairway to Heaven" by Dan Clark. SO GOOD! Inspiring talk, so please take some time and read it. You will not regret it. 

I just want to share quick testimony that this church is true and that God knows each of us individually and knows what we need. He is just waiting for us to ask him. 

Love you all!
Elder Mackintosh

 My District! 

My companion still doesn't like taking pics with me  - jaja