Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last MTC Email!


Wow this was such a great last week. To start off, thank you to everyone that thought of me on my birthday and for all of the prayers! I pray for you too. 

So on my birthday I received some packages from home (so that was great already). During class I left to go to the bathroom, and when I returned to the classroom my district had drawn birthday wishes all over the chalkboard, and my teacher had brought hostess cupcakes for everyone to share! Heck yeah!  Then later at dinner my district made me a "cake" which consisted of 7 pieces of toast with nutella between each one, and then a thick coating of nutella on the outside as well! Crazy unhealthy but incredibly good, so I am not complaining. (jaja)  At dinner as well, all 500 missionaries sang happy birthday to me! I always feel awkward in those situations but it was a lot of fun and everyone made me feel like it was a special day. So yeah, It was great! Thanks again.

Side note: some of my favorite things in the entire world are sunsets and sunrises but unfortunately my schedule is just barely off to the point that I miss both of those things by a span of about 15 minutes every single day jaja. so that is one thing that I miss and I am looking forward to occasionaly seeing once I am in NY next week!

I had a pretty cool experience this week with teaching. On Saturdays we teach what is called TRC and that is teaching (usually) members that just volunteer to come, but also we could teach non-members that have been invited by teachers as well. SO, this last week we taught a non-member and it was incredible! So you know how I don't know spanish yet? Well when I am in the lessons, I can speak really well actually! That is a combination of the spirit helping me and the fact that I know gospel topics in spanish really well. (jaja) But besides the language thing... we were teaching a lesson about receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon and it turned pretty powerful. We had to teach the kind sister what revelation was and how she could receive it. I was testifying at the end and said that I knew that she could receive personal revelation and then randomly I felt prompted to bare testimony that God loves her personally and knows her.  When I followed that, she started crying, and then I started crying!  I pointed out that the spirit was in that room and that was the feeling that she had. She loved it!  We invited her to pray that night and study the Book of Mormon for guidance.  She said she would, and I will follow up with my teacher on how that woman is doing! (How is that for the first time teaching a non-member?!) It is one of my favorite experiences so far for sure and it strengthened my testimony a lot about promptings. Loving life and I am so blessed. We all are so blessed.

Another side note: we watched Meet the Mormons and for one thing, seeing NY for a second made me soooo excited and for another thing, that was the first time that I watched the missionary part at the end and didn't cry! Guess I am happier to be here than I was with leaving when I watched it before my mission jaja. 

If you want some good scripture reading this week here are some good ones about faith!!!  Alma chapters 32 and 36 and also Ether 12. These have helped me a lot since I have been here. Love you all and thank you for your support!! 

Love from a 19 year old,
Elder Mackintosh

 The 7 layer Toast Nutella Birthday Cake!

My awesome district!

It's always great to run into a familiar face  - Josh Mortensen from my home town and high school 
...and also Heritage Tours

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