Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm in New York!!

I have been here in New York for 24 hours and I love it.  My mission president is President Smith and he is just the coolest guy.  He is so genuine and has a really strong and powerful testimony.  I love him and his family already. 

I have been assigned to the Manhattan North zone and it is seriously the coolest and best place to start. This is the place that has the most Dominicans by far and everyone says that it is the best place to learn the language! I'm told it's 75% Dominicans - that will help me a ton to pick up the language I am sure! Yes, I know it will be hard of course, but that is what I signed up for - it is all good. 

My companion's name is Elder McBride and he is from Mesa, Arizona - he is a REALLY nice elder and I can tell that he is obedient and hard working, so that is good.  He just barely got done being trained and now he is training me a day later. (jaja)   His Spanish is good, but he isn't fluent and he is already a trainer!  Crazy!  We will have a lot of fun and growth because we will be out of our comfort zone every single day talking to people in Spanish.  He promises that I will come out of the next 12 weeks better at Spanish than the other elders that came with me and better at teaching because he says that he won't let me rely on him 100% of the time.  He says that tonight he will let me talk quite a bit and we have two appointments set up for tonight so that should be interesting and fun. CRAZY, but exciting though.  

Just know that life is good.  I am trying to do my best everyday - I love it!  You are all in my prayers and I thank you for yours.

Elder Mackintosh

This is my awesome trainer Elder Mcbride from Mesa Arizona. 
We are going to do good work here. 

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