Thursday, December 3, 2015

Aint Even Cold!

Hi peeps,

So I looked at the weather a couple days ago in lehi and it was 25 degrees and a toasty 50 degrees here, so I'm happy! jaja. It actually rained today and it is December! But I'm sure it will get real cold real quick.

This last week was kind of a long one. It wasn't bad, just for some reason it seemed long. Thanksgiving was a pretty good day! Dominicans don't know how to celebrate Thanksgiving really, we went to a Peruvian members house to eat and the food was soooo good, but unfortunately she only gave us one plate each.. So on our way home we stopped at Dominoes to grab some pizza because we still wanted to keep the tradition of getting stuffed on Thanksgiving. We shared a slice with a nice homeless man. 'Twas a good day.

The work is going really really well now. We have 4 or 5 investigators with like real potential and desire! We are going to extend two baptism dates tonight, so keep us in your prayers! I gotta go to a lesson right now actually, he is a great man with a great story that I hope to share soon. I am so blessed - we all are.

This week my ponderizing scripture is Alma 5: 27-28, I choose it because I'm working on humility. Humility is the key to everything. Pride is the destroyer and we see that in the Book of Mormon over and over again. Humility is huge!! (I will send my screensaver a with my ponderizing scripture every week.)

Also here is a video of what my bishop made me do in the middle of his class on Sunday jaja. It was an incredible lesson. I'm glad I can understand enough Spanish to know it was a great lesson.

Funny happening of the week: The other day we were teaching this less active member that I love and all of the sudden in the middle of the lesson he started rambling and telling us about this dream that he had a couple of years ago in broken English instead of Spanish for some reason.  He says "so there was big dog. Big dog. Big BIG dog (with actions) okay so really big dog. Then, it chase me! And I run, I run, and I scared because the big dog you know. And I run in building and big black guy. Biiiig black guy (puts his arm up in the air to show how big he was) yes big black guy (stands up with arm still raised so that he can show he is even bigger but really doesn't get any taller because he was the same height sitting on the stool jaja) and he hug me. (He pick me up and he hug me) He say to me; 'No you run. Dog like you.' And he pet dog."  And that was his dream.

Well by the end of the story I literally have tears running down my face laughing (my companion is
laughing but keeping it together better than me) and it doesn't even phase him the whole story! I was laughing mostly because I don't know how our lesson turned into that and it was just a funny dream that literally had no explanation or tie in to the lesson or anything! It was so great.

Love you all! The church really is true! If you don't know yet, ask God! He will tell you.

Elder Mackintosh

This picture was taken today at Central Park after I got my hair cut.

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