Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week One - MTC

Mexico City - Missionary Training Center
August 13, 2015 - Week One

First week here in the MTC was sweet! the first couple of days were really really long but the last couple of days have been awesome and full of the spirit. Learning a language is difficult but I am slowly getting it! Life is good. The church is true. I will write more next week, but a quick story I will tell about me teaching my 4th lesson in spanish last night. 

So we were having a mediocre lesson because it is hard to teach in spanish when you barely know it haha but at the end I bore my testimony in spanish about the truthfulness of the gospel and THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG AND GUIDED ME SO MUCH TO GET MY MESSAGE ACROSS! it was amazing. After that testimony, we challenged the "investigator" (a teacher that just was playing a role of an investigator) to baptism and she accepted bc the spirit was testifying to her as well. Awesome experience and now I have to go prepare my next lesson that I teach in like 2 hours haha. Life is good here. for real. I love being a missionary.

Love you all,
Elder Mackintosh

Mi Casa

My companion is awesome and we teach some pretty powerful lessons for only knowing a little Spanish! 

The food is good and all you can eat, I don't think I have put on weight though because we play an hour of soccer every day and I eat a lot of fruit and salad. All is well. 

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