Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Birthdays, Baptism & Daily Repentance

Hey everyone!

This week was really awesome. We saw a lot of miracles and also had some pretty fun things happen to us. For example yesterday we were on the train and a woman was wearing a crown that said "Happy Birthday" so we said, Happy Birthday and we asked her what her name was. She told us and so we stood up and announced to the bus "Hey everyone it's her birthday! we're gonna sing to her." and we just started singing! Almost the whole train joined and it was so much fun. jaja. Then you won't believe it, but we are on the bus later and the same thing happened except even a bigger crowd sang. jaja

Another funny story is we are walking down the street and this man stopped us that had a bird mask on his face! He started off by asking for a pamphlet and so while in the process of handing him one he said "You've never seen a woodpecker like me before!" He then put his hand on his ear and began to kind of body role/move his hips. Such a wonderful experience.  jaja

This weekend we are baptizing a really cool teenager that we've been working with since I got to the Bronx.   We met him when his grandmother brought him to the church and said "Hey he wants to be baptized" so I asked him "You want to be baptized?" he said "Yes." And now here we are baptizing in this weekend! It’s awesome. There is a lot more stress and details involved in the story but all is well (jaja) we love him soooo much!

To end I want to share my testimony of daily repentance. As I have strived to repent daily, honestly, and from my heart I have felt an actual joy. Repentance and serving God really are the purpose of this life. I have a testimony of that. Alma 42:4

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. Be happy! It's a choice.

Elder Mackintosh

Street Tacos

Carrots, carrots and more carrots, we eat carrots at night so we don't eat cereal! jaja

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