Friday, December 16, 2016

Buenos Días!

Buenos días,

I can't believe it is basically Christmas and that it is almost 2017... SERIOUSLY THAT BLOWS MY MIND. I remember last Christmas so vividly… I’m going to have to do a lot to top last year! But his year is a Sunday and I get to take the sacrament so I guess this one already wins.  AND I get to skype with my family.  That's a win win!! 

My Companion Elder McBride has been sick but he is a trooper and has worked the whole week. Such a solid missionary. Did you know that in total I have been companions with him for like 10 months?! Jajaja yep, crazy huh!. In case you've forgotten, he was my trainer and now we serve together again as assistants...  jaja it's awesome!  

2 cool things from this last week, but first, the baptism scheduled on Christmas won’t be happening, but it's okay, he is still in contact with us and still loves the church... it'll happen just not on Christmas.  The big news is that Jermaine is getting baptized on January 8th! And this is alike a super solid date because he is the one that chose it!  Man, it makes me so happy to think about it because he has really changed so much.. The Atonement of Jesus Christ changes people! We can always change and improve. If there is anything I have learned out here serving a mission, is that people can change and we can change because of Jesus Christ.

The second cool thing happened while partaking of the sacrament this week. The deacon was nervous and walked away from me before I could put my cup back into the tray. Sitting there holding that cup made me go into deep thought and have a spiritual experience. The Spirit testified to me of the reality of the suffering of the Savior in Gethsemane and on the cross. I felt the individual love that the Savior has for me. It was one of those special experiences that I will never forget. The sacrament is amazing..

Love you all! I hope that everyone, myself included, can remember why we have Christmas and turn outward as Jesus Christ did. Participate in the 25 days of
service on it is so fun!

Elder Mackintosh

William Smith and Elder McBride after getting lunch

 We went on splits in south Manhattan and saw this!  The missionaries this up in 
 front of the Manhattan Temple to show the Christmas 

I didn't get a good picture of it but our wards Christmas party 
was spectacular!

William is the best
(William is President Smith's son) 

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