Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Soaking Wet and Smiling!


Thanksgiving was great! We raked leaves with members, fed the homeless, and told people we love them!  Oh and the food was good, we ate at a member's house. 'Twas a good holiday!

Today we spent the bulk of the day at the Manhattan Temple. I love how every time I go to the temple, prayers get answered and a new hope is received.  We walked to the temple and it was actually fun walking the 30 minutes from Grand Central Station to the temple and then walking the 30 minutes back in a steady downpour.  And yes, I said fun! It really was great to walk in the rain, soaking wet while wearing a suit, and still being able to smile because you know life is eternal and this is just another fun day! jaja. 

Perspective really is everything. We were surrounded by people sheltered by umbrellas and raincoats looking absolutely miserable, and then there was us, six drenched missionaries totally enjoying life.  How? Perspective, that's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  Love it.

This week was really good! We have been meeting with a man named Todd and he is the coolest ever. After 30 years of unhealthy habits, TODAY he committed to quitting and following Christ and to be baptized soon. It is honestly amazing and humbling to be able to see the gospel change his life.  It’s pretty cool. Literally every time we see him he is happier and every time we see him his countenance is brighter. The Gospel of Jesus Christ seems to consistently have that effect on people. It is so cool!

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

We met Carmen Thanksgiving Day.  She's a super sweet woman from Harlem. We

waited in line and got food together.

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