Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halloween, Pizza and the Book of Mormon.


Weekly miracle to start it off:
¡Esta semana fue muy buena y exitosa! Vimos un milagro anoche. De hecho, este milagro empezó hace dos días y todavía está vivo. Lo que pasó es que decidimos llamar a algunas personas que habían pedido que les trajéramos una Biblia. Una persona nos contestó y nos dijo que pasáramos. La visitamos y trajimos la Biblia y un libro de Mormón. Fijamos otra cita y nos fuimos. (I will finish in English (jaja) I have just been in an English ward for a few months now and I need to practice my Spanish!!!!) soooo, like I said, we left the building and I saw a guy standing about 30 feet away leaning against the fence. He kinda appeared to be a gangster and we just walked by him. I then had a thought come into my head "Go all in. Everyone needs the gospel."  So I turned around and started walking towards him and said "Hey! Can I give you this book?" And we started talking.  He ended up not being interested so we asked for a referral and he gave us his friend. We had to head home so we didn't have time to look him up right the, but the next day (last night) we went to look up the referral he had given us and unfortunately he wasn't there, but my companion felt to knock a couple neighbors. 2 doors in we got let in and ended up finding a great family that was interested! Its so cool how many things happened for us to be guided to this family!! Being guided by the Spirit is so cool and it was a great reminder to not let our own expectations of the situation get in the way. This is the Lords work and there are no coincidences.

Besides that, this week was great. We had a few people come to church for their first time ever and that is always exciting. Jevon spoke in church and that was cool because he was totally inactive when we got here, but since we helped prepare him to get baptized for his father (as proxy a few months back) he has been great! I also spoke in church and is it weird that I actually enjoy speaking?.... yes. But it's true!

Halloween was great. We had to be home by 7, so we ordered pizza and gave the pizza guy a Book of Mormon (jaja) teach when you find, find when
you teach. (jaja)

Love you!!

Elder Mackintosh

Just nightly planning.  And Elder Stokes and his broken foot.

A quick selfie of the trio life

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