Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Como Tamo Dominican Style

Hey! Sup?

First, here’s a little Spanish lesson; "Como tamo" is Dominican Spanish for what really should be "Como estamos" which means; "How are we doing or how is everything?"

So two and a half weeks ago we were walking in the street and we heard someone say "Como tamo?" As soon as we heard it we naturally repeated the same phrase out loud with a thick Dominican accent as well and we turned around to see 2 men behind us laughing along with us. That is how we met Carlos Reyes. He went to church in Honduras for 5 months before he came here to New York and one of his best friends is serving a mission in Argentina. (it's funny because he's not even Dominican but people just like to talk like Dominicans) We met with him a week later, taught the restoration and invited him to be baptized and he accepted!!! All he wants is to come to church more before he makes the covenant to make sure he is ready. The coolest part is that this last Sunday he went to stake conference and brought a friend with him! Tonight we will meeting with his friend and hoping to set a baptismal date. All because of "Como tamo"!

Another cool experience happened yesterday when we were walking towards the church. We were like 20 yards away from the door when 2 people walked passed and we just stopped in our tracks because we felt we should talk to them, it took us a few seconds to follow the prompting so as usual we had to go running back to catch up with them. We asked them if they knew anyone that had lost a loved one recently and they didn't want to talk to us, I mean they really didn't want to talk to us. So after 2 minutes of walking and trying to figure out why we had felt so strongly to go talk to them,  we decided to stop trying to start a conversation and leave. We were so confused because we were sure we had followed a spiritual prompting. After talking to one more person that wasn't really interested we decided to head back to the church a little discouraged and confused. As soon as we had hit the same square of concrete at which we turned around the first time we heard "Dámelo" from a man as he pointed to the Book of Mormon in our hands, which means "give it to me!".  His name is Manuel and he is from Guatemala. We gave him the Book of Mormon of course and we added him on Facebook and set an appointment for this Thursday. He called us through Facebook video call later that day and we talked for a little longer. So cool how if we wouldn't have followed the first prompting there would be no way we could have met Manuel because the timing just wouldn't have worked out.  Secondly I reaffirmed the reason why it is essential to always  carry a Book of Mormon our hands at all times. You never know who will say "Give it to me!"  jaja.

So yeah. Life is great here in the Bronx. We are receiving sooooo many blessings.

Hope you have a great week.
Elder Mackintosh

We saw Jermaine and the family at stake conference! Sure love them.

I got to go to my last area to see Ben get baptized! He was so happy
and it was just amazing.

With our investigator Ricardo

We decorated our investigator and a members door with some stuff to

help them remember the goals we set together! Woot! Woot!

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