Monday, May 15, 2017


May 10, 2017

Hey y'all!

It was another fantastic week as a missionary! We saw so many miracles this last week... so many. Definitely grateful to be serving here in the Bronx. Life is great. 

I've been asked a lot of questions about the Bronx so I figured I would take the time in this email to answer those questions. 

"What is it like when transferred and having to leave an area you're attached to and love the people?"
-It is really hard. Honestly it is similar to leaving your house again every couple months. I have definitely shed some tears saying goodbye to some members. #GratefulForSocialMedia

"Describe The Bronx; what does it look like, what are the people like. Where do you live? Do you eat with members everyday or where and what do you eat? Describe a typical day."
- What does the Bronx look like... Exactly what you think the brinx looks like (jaja) it really is awesome, there's so many different types of people here. And so many different backgrounds. It definitely is interesting every day to talk to people and hear new things and new perspectives! We don't have scheduled food appointments with members every day but we definitely eat something for members every day. Normally it's ice cream (jaja) hispanics are awesome. 

"What is the most difficult part of being a missionary and the BESTest part?"
- I would say that at this point in my mission the most difficult part about being a missionary is staying focused. I definitely wouldn't say that I'm homesick but I also can't say that things don't distract me sometimes because we live in a pretty worldly place. And to answer about "the best part of the mission", I would say that it is definitely the relationships that you're able to build out here. One, serving people you just grow so close to them - that is something that I hope to never forget.

And to answer "Describe what a day in the life of a missionary in the Bronx looks like"... that is really difficult because every day is so different. One person screaming at you here, hugging another person on the street corner there, and saying prayers with random people everywhere. (Jaja) Life is good. 

I love you all! Byeeeee

Elder Mackintosh 

1. 5 de mayo so we are tortillas jaja
2. Went to the Bronx zoo today 
3. A guy on the street gave this to Elder Aurich because his birthday is this Saturday! 

Today we went to The Bronx Zoo, just before I wrote this email. :) 

 A guy on the street gave this to Elder Aurich because his birthday is this Saturday! 
(Crazy story how it all came about)

5 de mayo so we are tortillas (jaja)

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