Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week of Blessings & Miracles

Hey Hey Hey! 

This week was super awesome. We saw some great blessings and miracles! I will write about two of them.

So last transfer, my companion and I were on our way to a member's house and we stopped at a park bench and talked to this man. We gave him a Book of Mormon after a great 10 minute conversation, but he wouldn't give us his contact info, he said he couldn't have visitors at his place and didn't currently have a phone. He said that if we gave him the address he would come to church sometime. We hear that A LOT so we didn't think much of it. Well last Sunday a member came and grabbed us during sacrament meeting and said "There is a man back there that is looking for you." We went back and sat by him. I didn't recognize the man and to keep the reverence of the meeting he just opened his Book of Mormon and I saw my old companion and my name on the inside! I still didn't remember who he was until after the meeting. He loved sacrament meeting and set up an appointment with us for today! It is amazing to see things like that happen when we honestly didn't think that much would come of that Book of Mormon 6 weeks ago.

Another cool story was while I was on a split with Elder Hunt this week. We were planning our day in the morning and we wrote a man's name down because he kept showing up as a new investigator in our area book. (as a glitch in technology) We went to his house and he let us right in. My companion asked him "So, we felt that we should come see you today. What has changed in your life since you last saw the missionaries?" To my surprise he replied with tears in his eyes "My dad passed away yesterday." From that moment on the feeling was different because everyone in the room knew that we had been guided there by a loving Heavenly Father. We shared Alma 40:11-14 and 23 with him and it was amazing to see him change through this process. He began to have this smile on his face and a lighter and better feeling about him. Hope entered into his heart and he had a renewed faith in Jesus Christ. It was amazing to be a part of this. It just amazes me that had we gone over even 24 hours earlier, he wouldn't have been prepared necessarily for our message. God knows his children.

I love you all! Next week will be the last time that I send out a group email because it will be my last Pday as a missionary. Have a great week! I know that Jesus Christ is real and joy is found through him and his gospel.

Elder Mackintosh

7/11 - Slurpee

The Robinson family! Love them.

Went to the MET museum today

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