Friday, February 5, 2016

1/4 of my Mission is gone. :)

Hi y'all,

First off, last week my email wigged out (all of the missionaries here had the same problem) and all of my drafts deleted. So if there was an email that I never responded to of yours, know that I had the intentions. Sorry! I don't even know if that made sense. English is hard. jaja

So on Friday I will hit my 6 month mark and I'm not sure honestly if it has gone by fast or slow but either way I'm very grateful to be here in New York and to know the people that I do. I'm just trying to not think about the time and just trying  to work hard everyday!

Lately I have been thinking a ton about goals. Goals are so important! Now that I'm district leader I get to help people with their goals and I figure out goals for the district. One of my responsibilities is to keep track of all the contacts information (name, address and phone number) everyday as a district. Well by the end of the week we had 30. I knew we could do better than that. At our district meeting I focused on goal setting and achieving and while I was sharing my testimony at the end about goal setting my grandpa popped in my mind - I talked about my Grandpa Mackintosh and how he passed away a few months ago and one of his last things of advice to me was to have goals and achieve them.  

THEN it finally connected and hit me so hard that HE has been helping me set my goals lately. The past month and a half we have been hitting the majority of our goals and have been trying to set them very prayerfully. It is just all so cool to me! Man I now have a new love for goal setting and have a testimony of it now. I've discovered that goal setting plays a huge role in reaching our potential and if you haven't already set your goals, I invite you to look at your life and set some goals - jaja just do it! 

Our new goal for the week is 40 and we are already at 23 and it's only the beginning of the week... So yeah! Goal setting works.

Rafael is my favorite human being ever. But again his baptized for the 13th has been pushed back because he can't move into his new place until next month. (If you don't remember why that is an issue - back track several emails). Kind of a bummer, but at the same time he has a strong testimony and strong desires to follow Christ.

I had a proud parent like moment yesterday as Rafael bore testimony of how he used to believe only in science until about 2 months ago and how now he is 100% that there is a God and that he loves him. It was a tender moment.  He also told us that he is learning how to recognize the spirit in his life.  I'm felt incredibly lucky to be a part of his conversion. I love Rafael!

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

This is Jesus Cárdenas from Peru. He went back to Peru this
last week and I will probably never see him again... 
It was hard to say goodbye to him. Tears were shed from both of us. 

 Me and Victorian. I met him tracting during my first
week in New York! He was one of my first lessons that I ever taught tracting and
he was baptized last weekend in the English ward! He is the sweetest
man. I'm so happy for him.  Great man. 

Elder Cruz Santos jaja took a picture of me as we were walking down the street. 

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