Friday, February 26, 2016

¡Más milagros!

The miracles just keep happening... So first I will share a miracle moment, and then I will share a spiritual moment that happened the other day. 

Miracle: so on Sunday we were in companionship study and we were figuring out what to read with some investigators that day if they hadn't had a chance yet to read from the Book of Mormon. Well I was flipping through my scriptures and a part that I had marked caught my eye. I began to read it and before I even really figured out what was going on in the scripture, the thought came to me "Hermano Manzano needs this" and so knowing that was a spiritual impression, I wrote it down. 

AND then...

Yesterday, when we were meeting with Hermano Manzano, Hermano started by telling us the thoughts he has been having the past couple of days. We begin the lesson and we read the verses that I had felt impressed to share with him and it was amazing! IT APPLIED TO HIM AND HIS THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Exactly. I explained to him how it came about for us to read this and how I knew this is what he needed. The spirit was so strong and he was so happy. To me it was a huge miracle because we have been struggling to make any progress with him lately. I'm so grateful to have had the Holy Ghost tell me what he needed to hear and grateful that I was able to follow the prompting and be a tool in the Lords hands.

Spiritual experience: so I will not go into to much detail on this because it was a very spiritual experience... we went to a lesson with an investigator named José. To start off, we followed up with him asking if he had been able to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He said he had read the introduction and prayed and that he believed it was true. He said he will continue to read and pray and he said that he thinks that he will get his answer. Well we continue on with the lesson (the plan of salvation) and at the end something great happened - we talked about where we go after this life and the spirit was very strong in the lesson. He started talking about how it all makes so much sense to him and how he could feel the spirit. He said that he believed it was true. As my companion and I testified to him I felt so much love for him and could see so much potential. Everyone was crying and I felt impressed to say some things that I had never thought of saying in my
life but they were spirit guided and special. My companion invited José to baptism and after about 20 seconds of silence he said "oraré" (I will pray) which with how strong the spirit was and how much faith he has, that was like hearing a yes to me. :) It is just so special to me to be a missionary and be able to have moments like this when you see people through the eyes of God and you can see how much potential they have. It's so awesome to be here doing what I am doing. 

The last thing: We were talking to someone on the street the other day and they said something like "yo soy lo que yo soy y siempre seré lo que yo soy" meaning "I am what I am and I will alway be what I am." I walked away from that just thinking about how amazing it is that we can change. We don't have to have that prospective of no growth. We don't have to be the same tomorrow as we are today. We can be better! And we should be! Let the atonement change you.

Sorry this one was a little long but it was just a great week! Thank you for the love, support, and prayers.

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

These are the stairs that we went up and down last week while finding the apartment of the woman that fell down. (see last weeks email)

P.S. The story continues, the  lady who we helped, called on Sunday and invited us to have lunch with her this Friday! Next week I will have an update on her. 

On Fridays we make brownies and cookies for investigators and

members and drop off notes too

 Natural history museum

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