Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cookie Butter!

Hey, sooooo cookie butter is amazing and that's why I titled this "Cookie Butter". Google it. Buy it. Eat it. Thank me later.

Not a ton to report on about the work this week, but I will talk about some things that I keep relearning throughout my mission.

1. You can choose if you are going to have a good day or bad day just by the way that you look at things. My mom believes in this as well so she is probably happy reading this and seeing that I believe it now. (jaja) It's so true though! The stuff that happens in a day doesn't totally decide if it was a good day or not, it really is your attitude. That is something pretty important to understand as a missionary because obviously we aren't going to baptize someone every day. (jaja) Life is good though. We are trying and sharing testimony and the days are good.

2. Praying and studying with "real intent" is the solution. It is so cool to do those two things and really see up close how much God loves you individually. Enough to let your receive personal revelation and guidance. How cool is that?! Answer: the coolest.

3. Obedience brings happiness. I don't think that I have to really explain this one because it is pretty black and white and obvious. God knows more than us. Follow his commandments.

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

1. New York Library – today.
2. George Washington Bridge for the 20th time
3. Picture of my friends Sarah and Jordan - the best thing that I have ever received.

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