Thursday, March 31, 2016

General Conference


So as you can tell, I'm super excited for this weekend being General Conference! It's crazy because my third week in the mission field was general conference and now here we are 6 months later and I'm in the same ward jaja I love it. I'm excited for conference because every time that I go into conference with a question, I receive my answer. I have a question and I know that I will get my answer! I invite you to do the same thing and have a question in mind and on paper as you
watch conference this weekend. The answer will be there and that is a promise.

The work is going well right now. We are trying to get the ward excited about missionary work right now and all of the missionaries here are working hard to help out. We have found a couple of investigators that have a lot of potential and that are keeping commitments so that is exciting! Following up on if an investigator has kept a commitment is interesting because their answer either devastates you or it makes you so happy. The commitments and what is done while the missionaries are not there is hugely important for them gaining a testimony. It goes for all of us. What we do when we think
that no one is looking really reflects our true desires and commitment to God. Something that I have been told quite a few times by the spirit is "Be the same person in the dark as you are in the light." This principle applies to everything in life so I'd say that it is a good one for us to all check ourselves on.

A cool miracle this last week was that we were kind of having a rough day and we decided to look someone up randomly. Well we knocked on the door and it was apparently the wrong door and someone else answered. The woman that answered was very happy to see us and told us that her sister is a member in Puerto Rico, that her niece is currently on a
mission but that she herself is not a member. Well we talked for a second and asked if we could share the #hallelujah video with her but she said that she didn't have time. I then asked "well before we leave can we say a prayer with you?" And when I asked that she opened the door and invited us in to pray with her and her mother! We went in and
I said the prayer and thanked God for letting us meet those two sweet women and asked that he blessed them and their families. When we opened our eyes, the woman had tears in hers and thanked us repeatedly for praying with and for them. She then excitedly asked if she could give us juice and then asked if we wanted to try some rice and eggplant that she had made. Well 15 minutes later we found ourselves finishing eating and just talking about the gospel and the joy that it
brings. It was just so cool! I feel so humbled to be able to have things like that happen. Blessings!!!

Well I hope that you have a great general conference weekend. Thomas S. Monson is Gods prophet on the earth today and if you don't believe me, ask God.

Con amor,

Elder Mackintosh

 Celebrating ward member Hideskel's 20th birthday!  We are buddies! 

Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge today, March, 30, 2016 

My own work space. 

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  1. Awesome young man weldone have a fab time proud of you 👄