Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Faith, Lobsters and Bunku

Hello everyone!

This week was SOLID. So to start, we had two pretty amazing things happen this weekend. On Saturday we went with Gwen and Jesus Gomez to the temple so that Jesus could get baptized for his father. The Spirit wasn't crazy overpowering to the point of tears during the baptism of his father but the Spirit was present. I felt peace and I literally couldn't stop smiling! (Jaja) It was awesome. He felt it as well and it was just a great experience for all of us. I know that baptism is a necessary step and that temples make it possible for ALL to have the opportunity to choose to follow Christ.

Another amazing experience happened Sunday evening as we went with a member and her non member husband up to the Hartford Temple Open House. It was incredible! That temple is small but the spirit is the same and the work is just as eternal. I'm so grateful to have been able to go with them as one day they will be sealed in the temple. I LOVE THE TEMPLE AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Miracle: I have a goal to hand out at least one Book of Mormon every day for the rest of my time as a missionary. Well on Sunday I prayed in the morning for an opportunity to give a Book of Mormon away because I knew it was going to be a crazy busy day. Here is what happened: We studied, went straight to ward council meeting, immediately started church, went straight to have lunch at a members house, then went straight to the temple open house an hour and a half drive, went through the open house, drove back, went straight to the mission home to pick up Elder Wulff, and then had to go straight home because we were already late. AHHHHHH! How to give out a Book of Mormon with that?! Well... on the way driving home I prayed like crazy. I prayed that just one person would be put in my path and I promised that I would talk to them. We pulled up to the apartment and no one was there... we walked to the apartment, I walked slowly. I offered another prayer. William opened the door and I just paused in front of it for a couple of seconds because I couldn't get myself to go in. Just then, a woman walked out of the building with a bag of trash!!!!! Elder McBride said "Are you going to go in?" And I said "I NEED to give her a Book of Mormon. How?" And I began to think. I then ran inside, grabbed our bag of trash and put a Book of Mormon in my other hand and then ran out of the door! Elder Wulff began the conversation with her and then I explained the Book of Mormon and gave it to her. She was so nice and that was a straight up MIRACLE! I know that God answers prayers when we ask in faith and with intentions to do something after receiving the answer. I know that this is true. I have experienced it. 

Love you all! This week is transfers, so we will see where the Lord needs me to be.

Elder Mackintosh 

Us with Jesus and Gwen at the temple in Manhattan

At the Hartford Temple Open House

          I bought a lobster for a Jamaican member who loves lobster but she hasn't had it in 17 years. So tonight we are having it with her.

Eating "Banku" a dish from Ghana and it was pretty good! Definitely the coolest/most interesting thing that I have had on my mission thus far (jajaja) good experience

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