Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New York in October - Spectacular!

October 5, 2016


A lot of stuff happened this week and I don't totally know what to talk about so we will just see where this ends up going. First off, transfers happened and I will still be serving as an Assistant and still with Elder McBride, BUT we are also in a trio now with Elder Glick! It is seriously a dream come true to be serving with Elder Glick. I love him! Coolest missionary ever. Unfortunately he will be heading home next week as he concludes his mission but it is fun while it lasts. 

How about General Conference though?! So good. It was a special one for me because I felt that I truly was spoken to a few times. I had prayerfully went into conference with 3 questions and then after the first session, and more accurately after the first 3 talks, all of my questions were answered! It was amazing! Revelation is so cool to me. Just the way that God knows best for us and when we put in our efforts to find out his will, he tells us. I love my Heavenly Father! Another thing that I loved about General conference were the 2 talks given by President Thomas S.Monson. He spoke for really short amounts of time both times and the messages he decided to share were about the word of wisdom and the plan of salvation. Must be pretty important right? RIGHT. I fully sustain him as a Prophet of God I know that life is better when we see things in a plan of salvation perspective. The day to day "problems" seem to matter less as I just desire to have an eternal family. It's amazing! 

At this point I'm pretty tired because the last few mornings have been early ones but hey, I'm not complaining; Successful people get up early. I love life and I'm happy to be a missionary! Jesus Christ is my rock.


Elder Mackintosh 

Elder Glick and I while planning transfers in the office.

 The power house group

William and I jaja 

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