Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Fell Down The Stairs


So with that title you are probably wanting to hear that story, but before I tell it I will talk about some other things.

It snowed a ridiculous amount! From what I heard it was the 2nd worst snow that Manhattan island has ever seen and it was only second by 1/10th of an inch. Tons of people had their cars stuck in their parking positions on the side of the road. I will send some pics so you can understand. We helped shovel so many people out! So many. It was a blast because people were walking around charging money to shovel them out, but we were walking around doing it for free. People loved
it and actually we got some good contacts from it. It was a ton of fun!

Rafael was supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday but Satan really doesn't want him to, so something happened again! Ugh. He was on his way to church and his boot got stuck in the snow and when he tried to pull it out he fell down! He got a little hurt and won't be able to move out this week so now his date is Feb. 13. He is Okay and excited still. Love him.

I fell down the stairs the other day.. Jaja! My boots were wet and so were the stairs, so that is a bad mix. I slipped at the top and fell and slid down the whole flight of stairs! The funny part is that I took out Elder Cruz Santos on the way down and I was on the phone with Rafael! Jaja We laid on the bottom of the stairs laughing/hurting. I now have bruises all down one side, but it's all good. Experiences. jaja loving it.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Mackintosh

P.S. Mom, You would be proud of me! The other day for my personal study I read over my Elder Jeffrey R. Holland notes and he said; "I need you to know who you are. We need you."  So, I started thinking "Well, who am I?" And I found my self writing "I am..." Statements for the next 20 minutes jaja. It was great and it made me think of you because you like the whole "I am..." positive affirmation statements thing.

Thursday, January 21, 2016



So much happened this week and I'm mad that I don't have time to write all the awesome details. There were many miracles, a baptism - YES Luis got baptized!! The bishop baptized and confirmed him and it was soooooooo good. Coolest weekend ever! 

I am a District Leader.  I am a trainer! Woot woot! My trainee is Elder Cruz Santos from Idaho/Mexico and he is the coolest ever - native Spanish speaking but speaks English too. He is cool. I'm very lucky to get a sweet missionary like him. Seriously, I feel so blessed here in NY. Crazy stuff.  

Unfortunately Rafael didn't get baptized because of housing complications but he will get baptized on the 30th.

So much joy in my life right now!

Elder Mackintosh

 Luis's sweet baptism.  January 16, 2016

Elder Filipe Castro from my dad's Provo YSA ward. Yep, the first missionary that my dad sends off from his YSA ward is to my mission - what are the odds of that?   

 My new companion; Elder Cruz Santos from Idaho/Mexico


Hi family and friends!

First off, next week my pday will be on Thursday. Sooooo just don't be alarmed when I don't write next Wednesday.

This last Saturday was a pretty special experience. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and talked to my mission for 2 hours! I don't have time to tell you everything I loved about it,  but I will say that I know that he is an Apostle of God. I know it. Shaking his hand, looking him in the eye, and feeling his testimony through out his talk. Yes, he is an Apostle and yes, this is all true. All of it! The church, God loving us, the plan of salvation, all of it. It is real.

Raphael's wedding didn't happen last week, he is trying to find a new apartment to move into before his baptism on this Saturday. Lots of prayers that he will find a place to move into. Faith!  He asked if I would be the one to baptize him - so that is pretty exciting! Love him. Also Luis is for sure getting baptized on Saturday! He is so prepared and excited. I'm crazy happy for him. He is a lifelong friend for sure. I love being a missionary!

Soooo other big news is that starting next Wednesday I will be training a new missionary, taking over 30 more streets, and the new district leader. That's a lot of changes! Pretty crazy.  I know I will be growing a ton during these next 3 months.. Woot woot! It won't be easy  but if the Lord called me to do this, I know I can do it. It is a great opportunity!

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

Me and my roommates right before the meeting with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. 

Hello from Elder Mackintosh and Elder McBride

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Week of Miracles!

Hey hey hey,

This week was full of miracles! Here's my favorite; the sister missionaries were walking by some teenage boys and  the boys were talking with some pretty terrible language. The sister missionaries decided to stop and share the gospel with them. Well none of them were interested, but one of the boys said, as kind of a joke, he would send missionaries to talk to his parents. Well the sister missionaries gave the referral to us and told us the story and we didn't know what to think, but decided to look the people up and the mom was actually super nice and we set up an appointment. Well the appointment came and we brought a member with us and it was one of the best lessons that I have ever been a part of. The spirit was so strong and she is now very interested in another appointment and message. Miracle, coincidence, fate? I'm calling it a miracle. :)  

Being in NY for New Years was fun but mostly because I'm a missionary and not because of any of the celebrations. jaja. I have set some goals for this year though. My mission president told us that he sets goals to grow the way that Jesus did. Luke 2: 52 is where it talks about it. I set goals in the 4 areas that Christ grew and I'm so excited! I invite you all to do the same. I will attach a picture that lists what areas to set it for just in case the scripture isn't clear.

I'm so excited to have this whole year in front of me. Life is so good and I'm so blessed.

The baptism of Rafael has been moved to the 16th, but the wedding is still happening this Saturday. Super excited for him! Rafael and Luis will be sharing their baptism next week. I love those two guys so much. So blessed to know them. 

Love you all as well! True dat.

Elder Mackintosh