Monday, March 20, 2017

"Dispute Not Because Ye See Not"

Hi Fam,

Wow it was a really great week! To cut to the chase, the reason behind my subject is because this week I was reading in Ether 12:6 and a line hit me profoundly. Normally the line that sticks out to me is...

"for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." 

But this week the line that comes before that line struck me in the heart which is...

"dispute not because ye see not 

I love this because it is my initial reaction every time that I talk to someone that is unsure about whether there is a God or not.  I’m not putting people down that don’t believe in God as I do because I believe that we have all had those questions at some point or another. But to me believing in God is as "duh" to me just as believing in air. I can't see air but it can be proven by other means that it obviously exists. I cannot see God but I know he is real because of the billions of ways that he has shown himself to me in my life. If you can't prove God to yourself using your eyes (which honestly just seeing the mountains in Utah is proof enough for me) try your other senses and try exercising faith. Try some prayer. You can come to know that he is real and that he loves you individually.

Besides that, I have thought a lot about relationships this week because I find myself feeling a deep love for the people of NYC and I find that interesting. We recently had a great lesson with one of our recent converts and I looked him in the eyes and the thought crossed my mind "3 months ago I didn't know that you exist but now I would do anything to help you out." That is amazing to me! Especially with the release of my family's video on  the churches website I have been thinking about relationships and love. Love really is the answer. Love one another. Really. That is what matters. The reason that we live the gospel is to improve our relationships with God as well as with those around us. Relationships are meant to last forever.

On a funny note, Elder Cottrell accidentally kicked a pigeon in the head this week. jaja. Don't worry, the pigeon was not injured.

Love you! Really.

Elder Mackintosh

Had a sweet tour of the United Nations today and I took a picture standing next to this piece of
 art because I know how much my mother love's this it! (me and my brothers and sisters give this picture to my mom for Christmas the year before my mission. A much smaller version of course.)

Went to pio pio for Elder Cottrell's birthday!

More Pio Pio. Julio came!

More Pio Pio (jaja) Brother Ray took us to Pio Pio, he's the best.

More pics from our United Nations tour today. 

 And one more pic on the United Nations tour. 

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