Thursday, March 2, 2017

NYC is Da Best

March 1, 2017


This week was awesome! I didn't think I mentioned last week that Pday would be Wednesday this week... oops. Next week it will be Monday again.

Something funny this week was that we met Michael Riedel aka the best critic on Broadway! He writes for NY times and he saw us on the street and thought that we were advertising for the Book of Mormon play! It took a lot before he believed that we were real Mormons. jaja. Elder Wilson even showed him his Utah driver’s license! He then took us to buy us drinks. He took us to  a fancy bar and grill place and we just stood there and talked and we had lemonade while he had wine. He loved, loved, loved us and actually offered to take us to see the Book of Mormon play on Broadway for free the next day and then he would write a story about it! Of course we had to say no but he gave us his info in case we ever are in town again and want to meet up. So that was pretty awesome. jaja. 

Also, Elder Gong of the presidency of the 70 was here this last week and that was amazing! I saw him Sunday night for a Devotional, then on Monday for zone conference, and then on Tuesday for mission leadership council. So three days in a row with a general authority and that adds up to a lot of learning. I went to shake his hand after the last time seeing him and we made eye contact for a couple seconds as I thanked him. He then turned, put his stuff down, turned again to look at me and said "you want to hug me" and I couldn't believe it! That was the exact thought that went through my head when I was looking him in the eye and shaking his hand. AND HE KNEW THAT! It was awesome. jaja hugs are awesome. 

As an update on other things missionary work, it is really going great! Every day has something new. Miracles are real. God still speaks to us. Life is awesome. We are happy missionaries. 

Love you all! I can't believe it is already march..

Elder Mackintosh

 This is Michael Riedel, the best critic on Broadway.  He is awesome!

 As you can tell by my face, Thanksgiving Point has better Dinosaurs than the Museum of Natural History. jaja. 

 I twisted my ankle.... jaja all is well. I can walk just fine 

Zone conference with Elder Cottrell!

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