Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Done Did Sprung :)


This week was so much warmer and it makes me sooooo happy! The cold is great, but warm weather is definitely preferred.

Something awesome that recently happened is that as we were walking to a baptism with an investigator, we walked to the train station and saw some hats that had been looking to buy so we stop to look at the prices. Our investigator ended up buying us each a hat and even bought himself one as well. jajaja! He is the coolest guy. These hats have been in style in NYC forever and they have been in style in Utah only if your name is Joe Clements but mark my words, everyone will be wearing them in Utah in the next couple of years.


So to be totally honest I had a rough couple of days this last week. I just felt mentally really down. It was frustrating to the point that I asked for a blessing. I have a testimony of priesthood blessings and personal prayers. After the blessing and a good personal prayer to end the day, I had a good nights rest and woke up feeling totally normal, happy, and ready for change! It really is amazing to me because I felt so down and was honestly in despair. What I love about life is that there is always a new day! Yes, crummy days (really just moments) do happen. But yes, great days do come. Every. Single.Time.

Also I said goodbye to Elder Brasileiro this week because he finished his mission. I cried like a baby. jaja. It felt like leaving friends and family at home again. I love Elder Brasileiro. Good man and great missionary. 

Sorry this is short today, but I'm playing volleyball... sorry not sorry!

Love y'all!

Elder Mackintosh

P.S.  Mom your blog is so awesome.  Everyday I get a lot of people that talk to me about it, jaja I love it!  You are the coolest mom.  

This roof top is awesome!

Saying goodbye to Johnny - moved back to Utah ):

William is still awesome.

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