Monday, April 24, 2017

Hey Hey Hey

April 3, 2017

Hey Hey Hey!

This week was stellar. We had some great success and it was just awesome. I always was able to go on a split with Elder McBride and that was sooooo awesome! We served together as companions for 10 months out here and now we are in the same zone! It really was great to be back together again. He is a missionary and friend that I really look up to. Also, we set a baptismal date with someone while together! So that was great too!

General conference was fantastic. On Sunday morning we had a lesson with an investigator that we will call George. The Lesson went really really well and the spirit was extremely strong. We talked a lot about baptism and the feelings of the Spirit. I said the closing prayer and as we know it down I had the thought to pray in Spanish as he is from Mexico. I prayed in Spanish and the spirit came flooding into the room, it was a really powerful moment. We felt to assign him to say a prayer, read 3 Nephi 27, and say another prayer. Then during conference he texted us and we had the feeling to respond by telling him to get online and watch conference right then because the speaker that was speaking was speaking to him. He listen to the rest of the session and as we talk to him later that evening it was cool because he recognized that multiple speakers quoted from 3 Nephi 27! He said he felt like the Apostles were talking to him! It really was an incredible experience and I just simply testify that as we follow promptings of the spirit, amazing things happen. Miracles continue to happen everyday.

Also a funny thing that happened this week: we have realized that if we simply say "hello" or "how are you?" or "have a great day!" then most New Yorkers just ignore us. So we have figured out a better way. As we say these things to them we tap them on the arm and then they immediately think that they know us because no stranger would do that randomly in NYC! So about 99% of the time this works fantastic. But. Sometimes it doesn't. Elder Cottrell tapped this man on the arm and said "have a great day!" In response this man hit him in the chest and said "you too. Now why do you guys think that you can go around touching people?" Uh oh jaja he wasn't very happy with us especially because the exact same thing happened with the same man about 2 months ago except I was the one to touch him that time! We apologized and tried our best to remember his face so that that never happens again. (jajaja) NYC is awesome.

Love you!

Elder Mackintosh
 #PrinceofPeace #CheckItOut

P.S. Oh and I just realized that I failed to tell the "I just want to get out" story! jaja. Basically what happened is we got to the 34th St. Train Station. We got off our train and everywhere we looked there was pornography. Normally when we see pornography we point at it while simultaneously looking away and saying out loud "that is pornography." So that the other person doesn't have to see it. This time unfortunately that didn't work because it was seriously everywhere. We decided to just look at the ground as we walked and I said "I just want to get out of here! But I don't know where the exit is and I can't look up because there is pornography." Then out of the corner of my eye I saw an exit and we hurried not knowing if it was the one that we needed but only knowing that we didn't want to be in that place any longer. So yeah I just wanted to tell the story because pornography is bad and I want to remember the story so that I can use it in a talk one day. jaja. Lots of good life lessons can come from this story!

 Roommates walked by us on the street and took a live shot (jaja) I look jolly

Last second efforts to get people to come watch conference!

Top of the Empire State Building today!

Got to see Jocy from my last area!

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