Monday, April 24, 2017

Charity, Peace & Change

April 17, 2017

Yo yo yo,

This week was really great! Everything was fantastic the only thing that wasn't so fun was getting sick. Actually I'm still a little sick but I sound a lot worse than I feel (jaja) so that's good I think. It does make it hard to talk to people on the street because my voice is cutting in and out, super raspy, and sometimes I just start coughing (jaja). Makes Street and subway contacting a lot of fun!

I have had charity on my mind lately because really it is so important. President Monson spoke for a total of like 6 minutes and he talkedabout the Book of Mormon and charity.  Another reason that this has been on my mind is that on Saturday we had an investigator come to clean to the church with us and the ward. It just really strengthens a relationship to serve together! My main thought about charity has been that charity should be the "why" behind our actions. I believe that this has become a part of who I am in a lot of ways and hopefully will become me even more so. At the beginning of my mission I would talk to people because I knew I should and I knew that it was expected of me by others. So it was more of a motivation of fear of being looked down upon if I didn't. But now it has switched to me just wanting to share the gospel because I know that it has brought me joy and I know that it can surely do that for everyone else!  I'm realizing now that love is 100x better of a motivator than fear! As we love God, we will keep his commandments. Just something to think about.

Another funny thing this week was on Saturday night with he Ward. Have you heard of "Mortified"? It is something that they do in Brooklyn where people go on stage and share song lyrics or journal entries that they wrote when they were young. So basically you just go up and laugh at yourself and allow others to do the same (jaja) Anyways, our ward did "Wardified" and it was hilarious! Definitely a good bonding
experience. I love the YSA ward!

Last quick thought: Easter is awesome. My Easter morning studies were special to me. I studied John 20 and "The Living Christ". Definitely recommend those two things!

Love you all! Have a great week.

Elder Mackintosh

If you can't tell what the sign says, it says "peace" and we stood
in the subway station and talked to people about how Christ brings us

The trio was back together for like 30 minutes!

 This one says change

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