Monday, April 24, 2017

Inspired Questions

April 10, 2017

Hey fam,

The weather is prime right now in NYC and I'm sooooo happy to be comfortable in a short sleeve shirt!! Woot Woot! Seriously it is amazing. Sorry for those of you that got snowed on in Utah. jaja

We had a super sweet experience yesterday with "George" that I wrote about last week. He is an investigator that has been meeting with missionaries since Christmas and has had 3 different baptismal dates. Well last night we had "George" over at a Members house that has been fellowshipping him. The lesson started a little rough and the thought went through my head "say his name, pause, and then ask whatever comes out of your mouth." So I did that and then everything changed. We began to ask inspired questions and he began to respond by the spirit. Every sentence seemed guided by the spirit and every silence full of deep feelings from the spirit. The member talked about what the baptismal covenant is by quoting; Mosiah 18 and then he invited Julio to be baptized. The Spirit flooded the room even stronger and we were silent for about 10 seconds and just sat there feeling. Then the words blurted out of George’s mouth saying "yes!" It was amazing. We then knelt down and he prayed for the date. We looked at the calendar and he said, "I have been thinking about the last week of this month. I didn't know why but I felt like something would happen then and I guess it might be my baptism. That weekend has just been on my mind lately." It was amazing. Asking inspired questions and listening.

So it was a seriously great week. Also we had Stake Conference yesterday and it was my 5th one as a missionary! Crazy! It was super spiritual but something hilarious happened. While the spirit was strong someone stood up to speak and said "my fart... my heart is full." And it just made me laugh so hard! It was bad because it was such a serious moment but the slip of words just hit my funny bone. jaja. My fart is hull.

Love you!

Elder Mackintosh

Did companion study on top of our member’s roof by the temple! Soooooo rad. I love NYC

Panoramic of the top of the roof

We came up with some questions and then had a member design and create posters for us to use to find people to teach. Here are a couple of them!

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