Monday, April 24, 2017

"Nothing is Better than Heaven"


This week was seriously fantastic. It seemed like all of our hard work from the last 6 weeks turned into blessing this past week! Woot Woot!

We had an investigator in a restoration lesson that kept saying "nothing is better than heaven." He was saying that while explaining that even billionaires at some point sit there unsatisfied asking questions "will I make it to heaven? Is there a heaven?" And the investigator just kept saying "nothing is better than heaven. Nothing. Heaven is the best." There is something to learn here.

So here is a miracle: we were in district meeting and a senior missionary brought a guy to the door and said "this man would like to know more about the church. Would any of you happen to know a little about the church?" So we stood up quickly and walked out the door with them! We sat down and found out that he had seen the Book of Mormon musical and it had sparked some questions and he figured that he should come find out more. We shared the message of the restoration and it was cool to see him light up and have things click with him. The cool thing is that he came to church yesterday too! He is only here for another 5 days and then he goes back to Denmark where he is currently living but is actually from Finland. We are meeting with him again and will put him in touch with missionaries there. Truly amazing.

We were just really blessed this week with great opportunities to share the gospel. We were finally able to find some new investigators that are actually interested in learning, changing, and progressing. It feels so good to be able to sit down with someone and share the message of the restoration with them for their first time.

On a funny note, I tried to give a guy on the street a high five and he put his hand up but then put it down at the last second and then turned around and went "ohhhhhhhhh!!! Oh!!! Oooooohhhh!" And then walked away. jajaja.  It was pretty funny, especially because he was like a 50 year old business guy. jaja!

Love you all. All is well in NYC. I love being a missionary.

Elder Mackintosh

Elder Pulu made this sign. It says "change"

Roommates.  We went on a split and then took a picture after. 

This is us doing our "Hispanic pose" for the same picture.  jaja

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