Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Decidí Cambiar‏


Today I went to the temple, so I once again don't really have time to be writing... I love you though!

So this last week I had he opportunity to be in two training meetings led by Elder Randall C. Bennett of the quorum of the 70. BEST MEETINGS EVER! I learned so much and if I could sum up what I felt, learned, and applied, I'd say Love. Sincerity and LOVE. As I have gained an understanding of the importance of this message, my sincerity and love has increased. I love to look in the eyes of these people and bare them my testimony and tell them that we care about them AND sincerily mean every word. We have had many wonderful experiences doing this. Loving life!

Miracles in my eyes: we have a 9 year Investigator from a part member family and he is awesome! We invited his primary teacher and her son to come to the lesson with us the next day and she said "we will be there. I will cancel my stuff, my son will cancel his stuff and we will be there." Then the next day at the lesson, they were there and helped the lesson so much with their testimonies of eternal families. The children loved it and it was great for their less active mom to hear them vocally say that they desire to have an eternal family. It was such a blessing to have those particular members there and they expressed to us as well their gratitude for helping them make sacrifices and receive blessings. We set a baptismal date with the 9 year old and we committed the whole family to church attendance. So many miracles and blessings.

I'm so happy to be here. A year ago today I was in NYC on a trip and now I'm here as a missionary. I honestly love my life!

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

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