Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Repentance Is For Everyone


So this week has been quite the roller coaster with our investigators. In a nut shell we had some investigators take some really big acts of faith and steps of repentance, so that was awesome! Then on the other side of things we had some investigators that were to be baptized this weekend decide to not do so and one decided not continue to meet with us. So it has been really hard at some times but it has also been really sweet at others. But like the scriptures and my dad have always taught me, we experience the lows so that we can recognize and enjoy the highs. There must be opposition for all
things. That is how it must be.

So the reasoning for the title of my email is because it has been on my mind throughout my whole mission and especially on my mind recently. Everything that we do as missionaries is to help people repent. We help people go through the steps of the gospel of Jesus Christ which are Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. Repentance is a part of every single one of those points and it is 100% needed to be able to live where we want to live after this life. It is the most amazing thing to see people repent and see the weight come off of their shoulders and happiness to come into their lives. It is hard to see people want to carry those weights instead of giving them to Christ. There is a better way! Repentance isn't shameful! We all need it! Sin is bad, not repentance! This is something that I have become passionate about as a missionary. This is what matters. I'm so happy that I get to help people repent and that I get to repent every day of my lifesaver well. I love it!

I know that we all go through hard times and that is okay, they pass. In this life we experience highs and lows and that is how it has to be. Enjoy both! Sorry for always trying to be happy but that is honestly how my mind thinks. jaja.

If you have things weighing you down and you don't know how to go through the repentance process, I would invite you to talk to your bishop. If you are a non member I would invite you to talk with the local missionaries or to email me and we can talk about it. Repentance is real and it is so cool! Christ lives and I love the brother that he is for me.

Love you all!

Elder Mackintosh

 Us eating breakfast with one of my favorite people ever. Él se llama Harvey

We played basketball anda it felt very refreshing!

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