Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Modesty Is Important

Hey, it's really hot!

I titled my email "Modesty is Important" because it has been on my mind lately. It is really warm here right now and people are starting to wear less and less clothes. It's terrible! Modesty is important. As we understand the importance and sacredness of our bodies, we strive to treat them with respect and to help others have respectful thoughts
while looking at us. Modesty and the respect of the use of such bodies is crucial. Random thought, but it has been on my mind and I felt to share it!

Things are going really well here in Poughkeepsie! The zone is improving a ton and it is so fun! Last night we set a baptismal date unexpectedly with someone we were teaching and it was just so cool to be guided by the spirit to extend that date at that time. This calling is so special!!

Miracle moment: We have 3 investigators with a baptismal date and two weeks ago at the end of church they said that they would not come back to church. They said that it stressed them out and that they wouldn't come. The oldest one called later that day and apologized and set up an appointment for the next day. We met with them and talked about the experience and how it could be better next time. (Coming 15 minutes
early, sitting up front, etc.) By the end of the lesson they were willing to go to church one more time before they would give up on it. We told them that we would be fasting on Sunday so that they could have a good experience at church and we invited them to do this same. Well Sunday came around and us and one of our investigators were fasting for the purpose of a good experience. Well by miracle, the sacrament was blessed in Spanish this time, I gave a talk, the ward members all talked to them, and the second hour lesson was great! They loved it and it was a true miracle that those things all happened.

It was a great week! I appreciate your prayers! Love you!

Elder Mackintosh

 Elder Cruz said "take a picture, I look really good."

Elder Colson is a good friend that flew home today. He is awesome - I will miss him. 
Also my roommates and companion are in the picture as well. Life is good!

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