Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tired but Smiling

Hey everyone!

This last week and a half was nuts! Like for reals. Over the last week and a half, we had 4 separate 7-hourish Zone Conferences and then an additional 6-hour Leadership meeting yesterday. For each of these meetings my companion and I had to get up extra early, set everything up, participate, give trainings, and take down. I am not complaining, I’m just saying that it was an exhausting week! I’m still happy though! All is well. I'm alive. Wahoo!

Something cool happened this week!!  So ever since we moved into our new area a particular man’s name has stuck out to me in my area book. We have called him but have never been able to talk to him. We stopped by last week and HE WAS HOME, so we set up an appointment to come visit him the next day.  The following day, we met with him and taught him the “restoration” lesson and the spirit was strong. My companion invited him to be baptized and he said “yes” and then he thanked my companion for asking him! How cool! When we showed him the Book of Mormon he told us that he already had one and pulled one out of the closet - it had been printed in 1993! This man has been prepared and waiting for the missionaries for many years. I love being a missionary.

I have been thinking a lot about peace lately. We ALL desire peace. Well, today I was reading in the book “True to the Faith” and it said something interesting. It said;  "Many people think of peace as the absence of war. But we can feel peace even in times of war, and we can lack peace even when no war is raging. The mere absence of conflict is not enough to bring peace to our hearts. Peace comes through the gospel--through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the ministration of the Holy Ghost, and our own righteousness, sincere repentance, and diligent service. Even when the world is in turmoil all around you, you can receive the blessing of inner peace. This blessing will continue with you as you stay true to your testimony of the gospel and as you remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you and watch over you."  I love this! Peace is what we all desire and that is what I genuinely want to bring to people's life's out here. Peace is so important and it truly comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Live it!

Love you all so much! This week will be a short one until my next pday which will be back on the Wednesday schedule.

Elder Mackintosh

Giving a training at the Ossining Chapel

   "Unity ties" with William Smith (President Smiths Son) he is the best little brother ever.

 This is what a tired and happy Elder Mackintosh looks like!

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